Discrimination of Singapore Toward Black シンガポールの黒人差別

A Kenyan tourist was taken to the office for investigation at the immigration of Singapore without given any reason.


He was checked for almost one hour that he would definitely be going back from Singapore even though he had already showed his printed return ticket. The officer almost violate his and his company’s person information by asking him to show the ticket online on the officer’s personal mobile phone.


The only reason he was given that he had to be investigated was “it is just a normal custom for everybody.” His company (Japanese) asked the officer the reason as well, but the result was the same.


However, that was obviously not a normal custom. Hundreds of people, mostly Asians, went through the immigration without taken to investigation. Only him, Kenyan, was almost refused to enter the country even though Singapore does not require a visa for a short trip from Kenyans.


The Kenyan faced discrimination says that he was discriminated because he was black. He is an international student at a prestige university in Japan and does not have any questionable history. He has traveled to several countries, but it was his first country and experience that he was treated unjustifiably and was wasted his time.


We need no prejudice and no discrimination or an understandable explanation as respect of a person. It is not clear if it was the officer’s discrimination or Singapore’s discrimination, but officers represent their country. When we face different kinds of people, we represent our own group. I hope everyone shows others nice parts of him or her and behaves responsibly so he and she creates harmony and peace.



A statue named “A World United” at the Marina Bay in Singapore