The BILLION Dollar Night View in Kigali ルワンダ キガリ 一億ドルの夜景

Kigali Night Viewキガリの夜景は最高だ。先進国の都会の夜景と違って、まるでプラネタリウムを超える宇宙の中にいるような感覚を味わえる。

Unlike observing night view of cities of developed countries, you can feel that you are in the universe more than when you are in a planetarium in Kigali, Rwanda.


Since most of the buildings have the same height and most of the color of the light is either white or orange just like stars in sky, the lights in Kigali look like stars in darkness.


Driving in the town of Kigali, unlike looking down night view of a city from a tall building, you can feel you are in the universe having stars like view right in front of you.