年末年始ケニア訪問に描くビジョン Vision of Visiting Kenya

I am visiting Kenya from December 28th to January 4th!
My goal of this trip is:
1. Think about how human being should be by visiting the lake Victoria area
2. Do what I can do in orphanages and slums and communicate important voices from there to as many people as possible
3. Treasure relationships with people and nature

Thank you so much to whom wish me a safe trip, whom provide me precious chances, and whom welcome me in Kenya! I will make the most of experiences I am going to have!

Kenyan First Lady Saves Lives of Minority ~Launched a Half Marathon to Raise Awareness about Children and Women in Tokyo~ ケニア大統領夫人、女性と子供の命を救うために東京でマラソン

キャプチャMargaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of Kenya launched her First Lady’s Half Marathon 2016 last Sunday in Tokyo, Japan.

マーガレット・ケニヤタ ケニア大統領夫人は、先週の土曜日8月29日、2016年度の大統領夫人ハーフマラソンを、東京で開始した。

Margaret Kenyatta ran around the Imperial Palace with Kenyans in Japan and some Japanese runners.


It was a part of her Beyond Zero campaign to save children and mothers in Kenya. In Kenya, medical field has not developed well yet and its mortality rate of children and mothers is high. 488 of 100,000 babies die at their birth. As much as 5,500 women die a year due to pregnancy related complications. (See website of Beyond Zero campaign: http://www.beyondzero.or.ke/)
今回のイベントは、死亡率の高いケニアの子供たちと若い母親を救うための、「ビヨンド・ゼロ」キャンペーンの一環として行われた。ケニアではまだ医療分野は発展途上であり、100,000人中488の赤ちゃんが、出産成功せずに死んでしまう。また、一年間で5500人の若い母親が、妊娠出産に伴って命を落とす。(ビヨンド・ゼロキャンペーンのWebサイト参照: http://www.beyondzero.or.ke/ )

At least compared to Japan, the mortality rate is very high. A Kenyan said to a Japanese during the marathon, “I am very happy that you contribute to save lives and raise awareness of the empowerment of minority.”

There are a few reasons that Tokyo, Japan was chosen to be a place to lunch her campaign marathon. First, she was attending a conference in Tokyo, the World Assembly of Woman. Also, Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD) is going to be held for the first time in Kenya next year. It has always been held in Tokyo and next time is the first time that the conference is held in the actual place, Africa.

As Margaret Kenyatta shows, both bottom up and top down are important.




LBI (Little Bee International) gives the weak of the weak hope 弱者中の弱者を助けるNPO法人 LBI Japan

LBI is a NPO which specifically support women and children in a slum on Kenya.


They try to let women and children in Korogocho slum in Kenya be financially and mentally independent so they can live life with dignity. They aim at letting Japanese know wonderful aspects of Africans and building relationships connected by each person’s small efforts and smile.
「アフリカ・ケニアのコロゴッチョスラムの女性や子供たちに、甘 えではなく”自律”と”自立”に基づいた生きる力を育てます。 日本の皆さまにもアフリカの人々の魅力が伝わるように、一人一 人の小さな力を合わせた つながりが、笑顔で結ばれていく関係を目指します。」ーLBIホームページより


As a LBI friend, they introduce my comment on their web site:
LBI Friendとして、コメントが掲載されました:
There are so many kinds of jobs. I wish people who have high profile jobs to remember that they can outstand because of others are doing what they need to make their life. Appreciating self and others for being able to be the way we are is important. I want to live life like that in the way everyone can be happy.
誰にでもできると思われる仕 事はたくさんあるけれども、 そうでない仕事をさせても らっている人々は、彼らが際 立つことが出来るのは他の 人々に大きく寄っているとい うことをずっと覚えていて頂 きたいと思います。 私たちが私たち自身でいられ ることを自分と他人全ての 人々に感謝して、みんなが幸 せに暮らしていけるように生きて行きたいと思います。

It costs only $500 for a child to go to secondary school for a year. LBI helps you to be hopeful and ambitious that you can do something as well. It is a good opportunity to think about what happiness is and what good is. I hope LBI grows more and increases the lowest level of lives.  Also, I hope LBI helps people to increase the consciousness as a global citizen and face social problems as theirs.
年間5万円で一人の子どもが、中・高の教育を受けられると教え てもらい、具体的に自分にも何が出来る、と感じさせてくれたのもLBIです。 何が幸せで何が良いのかを考えさせられる良い機会にもなると思 うので、LBIが更に発展し、ケニアのスラムでより良い生活をす る人が増えることと、世界中の人々の世界市民意識が向上するこ とを願っています。

Link to LBI:

An individual Moves Government個人が政府、国を変える


A Kenyan faced discrimination in Singapore I reported several weeks ago wrote Kenyan embassy in Singapore about his experience at the immigration. (About his discrimination experience: https://universevoicemosaic.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/discrimination-of-singapore-toward-black-シンガポールの黒人差別/)
シンガポールで差別を受けたと感じたケニア人は、彼の入国審査でのその経験について、ケニア大使館にメールを書きました。(彼が受けた差別についてはこちらをご覧下さい: https://universevoicemosaic.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/discrimination-of-singapore-toward-black-シンガポールの黒人差別/)

Kenyan embassy wrote him back and told him that they were sorry about hid experience and they would ask Singaporean government to improve their treatment toward Kenyans.

A change starts from here: speaking up.

This Kenyan worked for his own problem but also contributed to Kenya and the world as well.

I hope all people have opportunity to get to know right means to express what affects the world positively and activity use the right.

Also, I hope governments and authorities value each individual and fulfill their job by making the world a better place for all individuals.

The World in Pictures Awaits you in Rwanda and Kenya


You can experience the world we can usually only see in pictures which seems too far away, different, or unrealistic in Kenya and Rwanda. Thanks to really very nice people I met, my stay in Rwanda and Kenya was fruitful and safe, and now successfully came back to Japan. I am sorry that I have not been able to communicate with many people individually yet, but wanted to let as many as people who care about me so much for now that I had wonderful time in Africa and now am back in Japan. I am going to post testimonies, especially about the genocide in Rwanda, and pictures of the countries. I really appreciate people who supported and cared about me for this mission and trip from many places in the world. Thank you so much.


Rogers (driver in Rwanda) and Mugeni (translator in Rwanda)

(People speak Kinyarwanda and French mostly in Rwanda.)


Good-hearted politician of Rwanda, Vincent Ntaganira

His dream is to create peace in Rwanda.


Indian, Shaji family which hosted me in Kenya. Philip, Aleena, Priya, Alonso.


Nicest and funniest Kenyans Ceasar and Kagecha who gave me security and thousands of laughter in Kenya.