Police Officers Apologize for Wrong Suspicion  この時代における、あるべき「国家の役割」とは?

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I was walking with one of my “black” friends. Suddenly, three police men ran up to us and asked us,

“Can we do “item check” on you please?”

It was a very polite manner. We were absolutely surprised, and just said “sure.” We did not have a time to think.

Then, two police men out of three started item check and body check ONLY on my friend. There was one more female police man left, and she was just talking to me. She was explaining that sometimes they find drugs by doing those “item check.”

So I asked,

“Are you doing item check on him BECAUSE HE IS A FOREIGNER?”

Then she said,


Then, she did a very light “item check” on me too. It was lighter than one at airports.

Still, I felt horrible.

I did not want be done such a thing again, so I asked them a document saying that “they already checked us and it was a wrong suspicion.”

They said police does not have that kind of document.

The police men said these item checks are for “public welfare.”

I understand. I understand that they have to do those things, looking for foreigners and doing item checks of the foreigners and people with them, as long as the nation exists.

And what is important is they apologized. They admitted that they invaded us, our feelings, and they were sincerely sorry for that.

I hear a lot of terrible unreasonable stories about police especially in the U.S. Compared to that, it can be said that there is a hope in Japan. Some people might think that the police men just did their job in this case and it was finished even nicely.

However, is it really justifiable to sacrifice some people for the majority? Is that really a nation’a job? Does discriminating foreigners really lead to “peace” or citizens’ well-being?

What should we pursue in this globalizing world? What should nations do? How individuals should be responsible for their nation? And, what kind of world should we try to achieve…?

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