Impressive Voices from Kigali Genocide Memorial キガリ大虐殺記念館に刻まれる、平和・公正を求める印象的なメッセージ


A girl called Therese whose father was a genocide committer says:

“When my dad appeared at Gacaca court, I tried to help him accept and ask for forgiveness but he didn’t. He went back to prison. I continue to visit him there.”



On the wall of the memorial:
“Genocide is likely to occur again:
Learning about it is the first step to understanding it.
Understanding it is important to respond to it.
Responding to it is essential to save lives.
Otherwise “Never again” will remain “Again and Again””

“All of us are Rwandans here.” -students at Nyange secondary school:
Three years later the genocide on March 18th in 1997, Hutu extremists who fled to Congo when RPF took control over Rwanda at the end of the genocide attacked a secondary school near the border with Congo. Since the Hutu extremists wanted to kill Tutsis, but students were not separated by race, so the extremists told students to tell to separate. However, students said:
“All of us are Rwandans here.”
Then, all of them were killed.


What is important is what we do after we get to know these facts. Learning from history and being active for betterments of current society are responsibility of modern global citizens. Only people can build society without oppression and tragedies. When you cannot see the value of something, you can create the value for better.

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