A Survivor of the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994, Margret Mougarita Kanzougire (45) ルワンダ大虐殺生残者、マーガレット・モウガリタ・カンゾウギレさん


In the beginning of April in 1994, houses in the area she had lived started being set a fire and Tutsis were killed by extremist Hutu, so her family fled from their house. She was 25 years old pregnant with 2 children and her husband.


They escaped to a church in Mukange, a city in Eastern province, and she found a lot of people fled from their home in many different places. However, there was no food.

It was 9th of April when first militia attacked the church. At this time, the militia had only traditional weapon so they did not manage to break into the church.

3 days later, the militia came back with guns and oil. They threw oil into the church and started burning it with people in it. Magret said she saw blood, organs, and parts of bodies everywhere.


In the morning of the following day, the militia got able to get into the church with spires, clubs, and swords, and they killed Tutsis. Somehow Magret survived but she said she did not know how. Some weak people were not targeted to kill.


She was told to go back home, but she found murder happening outside the church immediately, so she hid in bushes. She kept hiding fighting against hunger and thirst until RPF came to rescued her.


After the genocide, she worked hard and regained hope for future. She said religion, Christianity, helped her as well.


She thinks love and good education which teaches respect differences and others are important. Also family has responsibility against crimes, she said.



During the interview, children gathered and listened to her story together.


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