“Does Your Skin Become Black as Mine? ” 「あなたの肌の色も、私の肌の色のように黒くなる?」

A 11 years old kid asked me in a village in Rwanda:

“Does your skin color turn to as black as my skin color if you stay in Rwanda?”




–Usamase Ownera, 11 years old.
–His dream is to become a minister.


I was a little surprised that they are very conscious about their skin color.
They were curious and asked me many questions, but it was one of first questions.
How would you answer to this question?




I get darker when I am exposed to sunlight.


Sunlight is very strong in Rwanda because it is close to the equator. Its distance to the equator is about 134 miles (216 km. Distance between its capital Kigali and the equator.)
I experienced headache and feeling of sick after exposure in the sunlight for a few hours.

赤道から216 km の場所にあるルワンダの首都キガリでの日光はとても強い。

Rwandans, even children there, know it is not good to be exposed in strong sunlight for a long time.
They try to be in shade. Some of them use umbrella, but it seems umbrellas are not affordable for most of them.


Children are smart. They try to cover their head with their clothes.



–Ihiwape, 9 years old.
–His dream is to become a pastor.


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