AERG, Association of Student Survivors of Genocide 大虐殺学生生残者協会

AERG (Abbreviation of French words: Association des Etudiants et eleves Rescapes du Genocide) is a student organization to help survivors specifically who are currently students.


They provide free counseling for psychological problems. They have psychologists, and they also provide counseling on the phone which is called Help Line. According to Jean Damascene Nsanzumuhire, a legal adviser and the Help Line coordinator at AERG, they receive around 10 calls a day.



They also provide assistance for legal matters. Many student survivors of the genocide are orphans at the same time. For example, some lost their family land during and after the genocide, but it is difficult for students deal with legal matters, so AERG deal with their court cases on behalf of them for free. Help Line covers this kind of problems as well.


According to Nyiribakwe Jean Paul, a program coordinator of AERG, students cannot stay in campus including dorms during breaks. Therefore, orphans become homeless during holidays. For such students, AERG have a project called One Dollar Campaign. AERG is constructing a building which can accommodate about 300 students in the future. Anyone can donate starting from one dollar for the project. They are now setting the program so that foreigners can participate in the program as well.



They have other projects such as empowering people who did not go to university. 20 years have passed since the genocide, and it seems Rwanda has succeeded in healing survivors. I hope they successfully move to next steps such as supporting students to get a job and helping youth to realize true justice for all stakeholders and all Rwandans.


AERG website:

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