The World in Pictures Awaits you in Rwanda and Kenya


You can experience the world we can usually only see in pictures which seems too far away, different, or unrealistic in Kenya and Rwanda. Thanks to really very nice people I met, my stay in Rwanda and Kenya was fruitful and safe, and now successfully came back to Japan. I am sorry that I have not been able to communicate with many people individually yet, but wanted to let as many as people who care about me so much for now that I had wonderful time in Africa and now am back in Japan. I am going to post testimonies, especially about the genocide in Rwanda, and pictures of the countries. I really appreciate people who supported and cared about me for this mission and trip from many places in the world. Thank you so much.


Rogers (driver in Rwanda) and Mugeni (translator in Rwanda)

(People speak Kinyarwanda and French mostly in Rwanda.)


Good-hearted politician of Rwanda, Vincent Ntaganira

His dream is to create peace in Rwanda.


Indian, Shaji family which hosted me in Kenya. Philip, Aleena, Priya, Alonso.


Nicest and funniest Kenyans Ceasar and Kagecha who gave me security and thousands of laughter in Kenya.

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