A Survivor of Genocide: Mukarusinda Alice  ルワンダ大虐殺を生き残った人、ムカルシンダ・アリスさん

096She is a survivor of the genocide in 1994 in Rwanda. She was 23 when it happened.
She was in a church in Ntarama, a sector in Eastern province in Rwanda, because people thought if they were in church, nobody could kill them. 
However, interahamwe came to churches to kill Tutsis to terminate them. While Alice tried to escape through a window, and a killer cut her back with a traditional weapon called machet. 
She was caught by a killer and thrown into a bush near a river. 
Many people were thrown into rivers and lakes and their bodies are still there today. 
She stayed hiding in the bush until RPF army came to save her. 
She thought she was dead already.
She was sent to a hospital and when she regained her consciousness, she did not know how to speak or move anymore. 
Her wish is to spread this her story to the world so that nobody will experience the same thing. 
Therefore, she keeps telling her story and stay strong. 

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