ミリキタニの猫 The Cats of Mirikitani



A Japanese American artist Tsutomu Mirikitani, who were put into an internment camp for Japanese Americans in America during WWII, promotes peace through his drawings throughout his life in America.
Eurospace in Shibuya screens the film by September 15th.
DVD is also available.

南スーダンの声 Voice from South Sudan

Clashes between anti-government force and government troops have been already ceased, but still International humanitarian services have difficulties to reach there and people in South Sudan are still kind of abandoned. I received a heat-wrenching message from South Sudan expressing crisis there below:

“There is much starvation, sickness brake out and many are losing lives for lack of medication and lack of funds for treatment & feeding.
International humanitarian  service would like to find some ways to bring relief but not easy.
Personally I have not been feeding well right from the days of fighting in Juba, I tried to get some treatment but it was not easy for lack of funds and proper medical invitation facility which are not there, there were Chinese medical centers but have close down because of the fallen economy of the country and other centers have been destroyed or looted. That is why I want to go to Uganda, but if I go the question for money for treatment become out standing challenge.”

What can we do?

There is a hope

So called bad people have their personal reason to be cruel, and the way to solve it starts from trying to know their reason from their past, not from directly pointing out their cruelty.

南スーダン 徴兵制強化へ? Reinforce Military Service Program in South Sudan?

People in South Sudan are displaced to shelters in churches and some other places in awfully dangerous situation that bullets flying over their head in the fight between anti-government force and government troops. They reached cease-fire in a few days, but approximately 270 people died in the confusion. South Sudan government is probably going to start the military draft, and some people wish to move to neighboring countries such as Uganda. I hope they are going to try to reconcile and compromise fundamentally.

南スーダンでの衝突 ~表現の方法~ Clashes in South Sudan

I have South Sudanese friends. There are clashes in South Sudan now because of conflict between anti-government force and government troops and more than 100 people have been killed. I really hope they stop using force and violence to express what they want.