問題発言「こんな人たち」Japanese Prime Minister Abe called his citizens “such people.”


Japanese Prime Minister Abe called his citizens “such people.” He does not fulfill his duty as a politician in a democratic country to explain to his people but he spoke ill of his citizens. How can such a person be the Prime Minister of a democratic country??? It only seems like the beginning of collapse of democracy and authoritarianism. His statement is nothing but controversial statement which should lead to resignation. Japan is getting into really a dangerous situation.


祈り -自分への誓い- Prayer -Vow to Yourself-


Prayer is a vow to yourself. So you need to be careful and consider what you pray very well. Your words become your behavior. So you really should not just follow others’ prayer, even if that is a pastor’s, your parents’, or rulers’.

人生は短いって言うけれど・・ It’s said that Life is Short but..


It is said that “Life is Short,”
but I guess it is more like
Life is a collection of “now,” “a few hours,” “a day,” “3 years,” “50 years,” and so on

So, life becomes beautiful
if we treasure someone important to you,
if we have fun with them,
and if we just be with them
for instance
on those various times, components of life

Time 時間



people say they realize something when they loose something, but that’s because they don’t take time to realize.

So, it is really really REALLY IMPORTANT TO SPEND TIME TO know whats important and treasure those important things.

質の良い教育 Quality Education


What is quality education? And how can we make that happen in reality?

I was not confident until today, but in my opinion, which I confirmed that I was not wrong at all according to some authorities in peace building field, quality education is to develop not only life saving skills such as reading, writing, and basic calculation, but also to develop the ability to put oneself in others’ place.

Today, there are people who start wars and conflicts even with completion of higher education. Not to allow such tragedy happens, I suggest to set the first goal to become able to provide all children primary education including peace studies role playing. After that, IT can play a significant role to make further education available for more people. On a personal level, I can use my IT skills and knowledge about IT field to contribute to spread higher education.

In reality, I suppose it is better to approach and appeal to simply people with money to fund this project. I learned from actually working for a company full time that companies have their own goal of social contribution. I am still searching ways to do it, but I believe IT can help here as well.

This is a huge but significant project. I would like to find which part I can be the most useful.

質の良い教育とは、読み書き計算など基本的なlife saving skillに加えて、他人の立場に立てる能力を育むものだと思う。




ミリキタニの猫 The Cats of Mirikitani



A Japanese American artist Tsutomu Mirikitani, who were put into an internment camp for Japanese Americans in America during WWII, promotes peace through his drawings throughout his life in America.
Eurospace in Shibuya screens the film by September 15th.
DVD is also available.

南スーダンの声 Voice from South Sudan

Clashes between anti-government force and government troops have been already ceased, but still International humanitarian services have difficulties to reach there and people in South Sudan are still kind of abandoned. I received a heat-wrenching message from South Sudan expressing crisis there below:

“There is much starvation, sickness brake out and many are losing lives for lack of medication and lack of funds for treatment & feeding.
International humanitarian  service would like to find some ways to bring relief but not easy.
Personally I have not been feeding well right from the days of fighting in Juba, I tried to get some treatment but it was not easy for lack of funds and proper medical invitation facility which are not there, there were Chinese medical centers but have close down because of the fallen economy of the country and other centers have been destroyed or looted. That is why I want to go to Uganda, but if I go the question for money for treatment become out standing challenge.”

What can we do?